Outstanding features of Autograde

DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95,98,NT, Macintosh OS 6, 7 and 8 all supported! Same data format!
Exchange data on your Mac and IBM! Seamless Integration.
Easy entry, modification, and viewing of data (Screen oriented and spreadsheet entry)
Keeps information for an entire school year
Set all grades to a certain value, curve grades, and convert raw scores
Easy deletion and moving of students and assignments
Keep up to 200 students per class (42 students on DOS version)
Keep up to 84 assignments per grading period
Calculate marking period grades, semester grades, or yearly grades
Five grading methods supported: Points, Points & Percent, Weight, Weight & Percent, and Percent
Fully Integrated Report Generator
Prints progress reports and mini progress reports for all or part of a class
The report may include up to 3 variable comments per student, attendance, citizenship, notes, etc.
Print marking period, semester, and yearly reports. Print your own gradebook.
Reports may be configured in many different ways
Print grade posting reports for any assignment, marking period, etc.
Print reports for only those students that are missing grades, or have incomplete grades, etc.
Print Class lists with or without a grade grid
Print attendance reports
Print out book lists and numbers
Support for Trimesters and summer school grading
Change the screen colors
Make backup copies of your data
Seating chart
Import and export student data from and to text files
Import and export student data to remote databases with Autograde Database!